ending a legacy.

I wish I could tell the Jordan District that the people I work with have become like a second family to me. Yes, I gained ten annoying brothers that love to tease me, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Shhh. Don’t tell.

I wish I could tell them about how a child’s face lights up when I they understand how to combine monkey airplane soldier and kicks.

I wish they could understand how scared I was when the first time I had to teach a girl with down syndrome to swim, and how it changed my life a little.

I wish could see a child pull me down four feet and say “Teacher! Guess what I saw today?”

I wish that see the water aerobics ladies that come vigilantly twice a week. Some have for 15 years.

I wish they could understand that for some kids, the only one on one time they get is at lessons.

I wish they could see Kenneth’s face when he finally touched the bottom of the pool, at thirteen feet.

I wish they could, just once, hear Kassia say “teacher, I love you a lot. Can you give me a hug?” maybe they’d reconsider.

After being open for more than fifty years, Jordan District is closing the West Jordan Middle School Pool. I understand why, but it doesn’t make it easier. It’s been a great two years 🙂


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