"what are you sinking about?"

I’ve been blogging way too much this month… But sometimes I need to say things. There are so many things going on in my brain, and not enough people with time to listen.

Thoughts, in order:
Disaster of a music theory project
My inability to accept compliments
Math final
Owing Scott ice cream
Utah State
Best friends being rude. Not to me, but to eachother.
A missionary.
Sleep deprivation.
Allee needing a real date.
My utter lack of charisma.

Today I found a note that I wrote to Tisha last spring but never gave to her. It was so weird to read it and remember in exact detail how crummy that month was. It’s surreal. I have a box of special things. Notes, letters, pictures. It’s like a time machine. Anytime I want to be an awkward thirteen year old or a love struck fifteen year old, I just go to the box.

I’m ready for life.

Bring it on.

Oh, I got another scholarship today. That makes three 🙂


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