Shut Up.

Sometimes I’m the stupid big mouthed idiot of forever. It just happens. I wish there was a little genie on my shoulder that would pinch my ear every time I was about to say something hurtful or mean or thoughtless.

Like tonight.

I am going to invent a mouth clamp.

On another subject…This whole week I’ve been so tired that I get home, lay on my bed, and feel like a thousand sand bags are weighing down on all my muscles. It’s the most exhausted feeling in the world. During the school year I got tired, but this is different. I just want to sleep all the time, but if I do I know that I’ll feel even more sick. I’m going to adhere to the following goals for the next month, and see if it helps. If not…I’m kind of stuck.

*Run or swim everyday
*Three meals a day. My eating has been hectic because of my work hours, but that’s no excuse.
*Lay back on the carbs
*Go the the temple
*Get up by seven, and go to bed by nine (at least a couple times a week)
*Scale down sugar. I’ve actually been doing okay with this. I’ve yet to cut out the little things, but I’ve been avoiding cookies, cake, and ice cream-ish stuff.
*More Vegetables

My eyes are drooping. Time for sleep.


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