The Home Stretch

In no less than two months, I will be living far away from home.

Well, two hours anyway.

I will be dirt poor. All I will do is study, because I think I’ll have 21348 credit hours. I think I can handle. 21350 credits would be too many, but somehow I’ll manage.

It feels like the home stretch. I’m buying sheets, and I have a laptop. Our dorm room has a grilled cheeser. I’m stocking up on shampoo and deodorant. I’m working desperately to save money.

I have a feeling the the next two months will be the longest…and the shortest of my life.

At this time two years ago I was…

really excited for junior year.
loving the attention of a much older guy, who now lives 500 miles away (For eight more months anyway 😉
really excited to be on the newspaper staff. Haha. Ironic.
In shape

It’s weird how time changes who we are. I hate it when people tell me not to change. Isn’t that what life’s all about? We spend our whole lives perfecting who we are and creating who we want to be. I’m glad that I’m not the same person I was that crazy summer after sophomore year. It wasn’t bad…it was wonderful. There’s just a time and a place for everything.


Oh, and my posts are pretty much same old now. I’m going to start adding pictures. Pictures that have stories behind them Muhaha.

Once apon a time, I really wanted a frazil in February. You see, I used to work at a pool that had the best frazils ever. In hindsight, they probably only tasted good because it was 104 degrees. So, I dragged my friends to a billion gas stations to find one. We did find a frazil machine, only thanks to Peter Barrett. Turns out it was disgusting. Except, Kristen loved it because I think she may have never tasted sugar before. The end.


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