You know you’ve been teaching way too many swim lessons when…

You know you’ve been teaching waaaayyy too many swim lessons when…
There’s a permanent indent in your stomach where all the kids have jumped in and kicked you
You find yourself rocking out to “the wheels in the bus” in the shower.
You catch yourself talking to adults like they’re three years old.
You spend half of your paycheck on shampoo.
The kids accidentally start calling you mom.
You don’t have to shave your legs, because the pool chemicals take care of it.
You don’t even bother to go home between shifts, you just sleep on a bench.
our diet consists of…well, anything within four feet.
You spend your spare time playing “guess what rule the scouts will break today”.
Forget green. People start to mistake your hair for some type of animal.

You automatically hold your breath and close your eyes when you sit down, assuming you’re underwater.

Even though I complain sometimes, I love my job. I couldn’t ask for a better environment. The kids are the best part. Today, I asked Charity what her favorite food was.

“My favorite food is princesses”

“You like to eat princesses Charity?”

“Mmmmm yeah.”

I especially love teaching the really small kids. They’re so innocent, and they love anybody that will pay attention to them. 🙂 Whenever I have a long, hard, frustrating day, a hug from one of these chilluns’ can make it better.

Ah. I’m having a great summer.


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