The Great Debate

After a long and sleepless night, I stood by the drink machine in Old Main having a battle with myself. There was Diet Coke, Water, and Dr. Pepper. There was also Vitamin Water (guahf, vitamins), which would have been my first choice, but sadly I was short a quarter. Here’s a conversation you never needed to read:

“Diet Coke kept my young leaders up for 3 days straight all those years ago. I’m sure it could help me for three hours.”

“Duh, Allee. Caffeinated. “

“Dr. Pepper…wonderful, sugar-induced awakness.”

“Caffeinated, but much more more tempting”

Note: There are two things I almost never do. Drink soda and partake (bahaha) of caffeine. Call me a prude, but soda   makes you fat and caffeine, in my mind, is a drug that is fairly addictive. I believe them both to be destructive. However, at some point in my life I have obviously had soda, a few times with caffeine. And yes, of course it has to do with being LDS, but even if I wasn’t, I would think caffeine was an addictive substitute for actually being healthy and sleeping. Also, there was a time, around my thirteenth year, when I was addicted to caffeine free Dr. Pepper. It was a happy time.

Anyway…back to Allee being tempted.

I was literally moving my hand to button #12. The button that could deliver me liquid sugar. The button that could actually get me to remember something from my next three classes.

“By buying this product, I are letting that company have power over my body. I’m telling myself that I have no control. I’m giving myself to an intimate object that will be gone within the hour.”

Yes. I’ve obviously been to school way too much. By now, you’re probably wondering why you’re spending time reading about a girl making a seemingly tiny issue into a life decision. She doesn’t know why either.

Now, I’m sitting in class with a bottle of water to my left. I’m still utterly exhausted, and I know I won’t remember much about today, but I won a battle against myself. Stupid? Probably.

aw well.


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