three…and then some.

My A picture that shows your true self:
As much as I hate to admit to it, there are two that come to mind. 

I’ve enjoyed years of mocking laughter because my face squints like a 90 year-old man when I laugh.

Also, I’m terrible at taking “cute” pictures. It’s just not meant to be.

Yeah. Thirty Day Blog Challenge? Fail.

Going through so many pictures has got me reminiscin’ though. It was Nate’s farewell this weekend, which means I got to see all the peeps for the first time since mid-august. It’s funny to see how quickly people change or in some cases, don’t change.

I just found out one of my lifeguard buddies is engaged. I stared at the text message that revealed this to me for a while, calculating how long it’s been since he went off to school, not dating anybody. Not even three months.

Marriage is good. Marriage is spectacular. Marriage is FOREVER.

Before I make that commitment, I have to find a guy that will put up with me that long. It’s not a decision that I can make in a few weeks.

Anyway, enough sounding like a mia-maid lesson.

Logan is beautiful in the snow. I can’t wait until I have my Nikon (or possibly Canon) in my hand next week. I’m thrilled. It’s something I’ve wanted for three years and now it’s obtainable. Even though my eye is untrained, there is something about photography that is incredible. Obviously I love to write, but real photography can tell a story that words can’t. When you put the two together, great writing and breathtaking photography, it’s the epitome of why I got into journalism.

Currently, I’m immersed in a JCOM project. It’s going to be…well, epic. I’ll post the youtube link when we’re done.


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