I am oddish.

After a monster of a 15 hour day this week, I collapsed on my bed and realized…

it was only Tuesday.
If I was 40 years older, I would have gone into cardiac arrest.

It wasn’t a bad week, just an extremely busy one. Yet, I loved every minute of it. (Well, minus 1440 minutes that made up Tuesday)

When you meet first meet somebody and you ask them what they like, you inevitably end up on the subject of music. And without fail, around 90% of people will tell you they like ALL kinds of music.  Usually that translates into “I like all kinds of POP music”, or “I like all kinds of COUNTRY music”. Someday, when I meet somebody with a taste in music as eccentric and wide (okay…and weird)  as mine I’ll marry them.

Here are the songs, good and bad, that have made this week go by a little faster.

Yesterday I listened to this song for an hour straight while working on my articles. It’s not so much that the song means anything, it’s just has a beat that makes me want to go clubbing. (If I clubbed, that is)

I like classical music, but I LOVE this song. It actually gets stuck in my head like a pop song. If only I could actually play it.

She and Him has become my go-to music. If I’m stressed, they calm me down. If I’m happy, I relate. If I’m sad they cry with me. If only I had known about this in summer, when they came to the Twilight concert series.

This song is over-used in relief society videos around the world, but there’s something in this version of the song that gets to me. It was back when Wicked was new, and Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel seem more fresh. Maybe that’s stupid, but this is the only version I listen to.

I don’t know why. There is no reason behind this being stuck in my head. Don’t judge me too harshly.


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