Put my dreams in bucket and throw it out the window

College Bucket List:

  1. Go to the Hot Springs
  2. Buy this camera
  3. Walk through the cemetery after midnight
  4. Become an editor at the Statesman
  5. Visit Old Ephraim’s Grave
  6. Get an SPJ award
  7. Obtain True Aggie Status
  8. Participate in a mini–triathlon
  9. Eat at Hamilton’s
  10. Get to the top floor of the business building
  11. Drive to California
  12. Hike the Grand Canyon
  13. Dye my hair
  14. Get Glasses
  15. Get Midnight Pizza at the Junction
  16. Read 15 new books from the Classic Novel List 
  17. Clean the sink at Angie’s
  18. Learn (another) language
  19. Have something posted on MILA
  20. Make homemade pasta
  21. Write an anonymous love note
  22. Finish a crossword puzzle from the newspaper
  23. Sled down Old Main
  24. Got to Tony’s Grove and roast hot dogs
  25. Visit Willow Park Zoo
  26. Mountain Bike
  27. Drive the Idaho Loop
  28. Get published somewhere besides the Statesman
  29. Hike the Jardine Juniper Trail and see the tree
  30. Hack the 2 hour hike into the Mount Naomi Wilderness
  31. Go to Peach Days
  32. Road trip to Southern Utah
  33. Hike the Narrows
  34. Kiss in the Rain
  35. Go to the Hunger Banquet

Anything else, especially Logan-wise, I’m missing?

 Mountain Wilderness


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