Thank You Gmail.

At 13 years old, in the sad, dark days prior to Gmail, I created a Hotmail account. I think I must have given my e-mail address to every website you should never give your e-mail address to, because I opened it today (as I do two or thee times a year) and found this.

Once I tried to clean it, but Hotmail makes you do it one page at a time. After page 387, I got a tiny bit frustrated.

If  you ever need an Abercrombie and Fitch ad, $12 million dollars from the prince of Kyjanistan, or a 30-day trial of Netflix, let me know. I got connections.

Thankfully, I  now have Gmail. In case you’ve never heard me sing the praises of Google, you should. On second thought, I shouldn’t advertise my singing voice.

Gmail, thank you for your filters and tagging and spam protection and your beautiful themes. And for your Gchat and free calling when it’s 2:00 AM and I can’t find my phone.

Love, love, love.


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