Social Media 4350: Social Media Articles

Facebook Music Service for Streaming Music Likely This Fall:

Is there an area of the social world Mark Zuckerberg can’t touch? Though separate entities, even networks like Pandora, Google+ and Flickr seem to have ties to the media giant we call Facebook. Though powerful on their own, they wouldn’t be nearly as effective or reaching if it wasn’t for Facebook.

It’s a safe bet to say that is Facebook were a physical business it wouldn’t be legal due to it’s monopoly over the internet. Take a look at the recent attempts of Verizon to buy out T-mobile. The U.S. government is crying “monopoly!”, while the companies battle through mounds of legal trouble and lawsuits. However, when Facebook makes a deal with Skype nobody bats an eyelash.

Music is an area that Facebook has been slightly hesitant to touch, understandably. Copyright laws are harsh when it comes to art, particularly music. The legal woes of Napster and are sure to drive any business with good sense away from the world of music. Of course, Facebook hasn’t completed severed their musical ties. They’ve stayed in the loop using third party apps such as Pandora and Last.Fm. It’s genius really. Give users what they want, with no fiscal or legal responsibilities.

So why are there suddenly flourishing rumors that Facebook is about to take that “big kid” step into the music world? People are speculating that Facebook will announce a new music platform at their developer’s conference next month. We have very few details, but here’s the gist: It’s just another B2B way of competing. With Amazon and Itunes moving into a music clouds, it’s only natural that Facebook play catch up. Some ask how Facebook will compete with Amazon or Itunes, but my question is the complete opposite. Will Amazon and Itunes be able to compete with Facebook, even if they come to the game a few months late? Let’s face it, people want it east. They want everything in one place. Facebook is making it easier to be lazy, and I’ll bet nobody will complain against that.

FB-1 Itunes-0

Twitter Terror

“Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”

Well, maybe 50 years ago. It’s War of the Worlds all over again. Different medium, sure, but the same result. It just goes to show that for all of the good that the internet is, it’s still virtual. It’s not a physical place. Anything can happen.

Here’s a rundown of the article: There were two men in Mexico who reported that there were drug gang attacks around schools in Mexico. They said that they simply reposted the information on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, though the original source has not been determined.  The posts caused an uproar, as false rumors about the drug attacks spread around the country and even the world.

Of course, the claims were false and now two men are up on charges of terrorism and sabotage.

Let’s be honest, though the situation may have been different in America, how many of us would have retweeted the same news without a thought. Even if they DID make the whole thing up, the blame lies not with these men but with all of the people too lazy to check a real news source. The point of social networks is not to BE a journalist, and as soon as we put that responsibility on them, there will be so many communication errors that nobody will know the truth.

These men shouldn’t have blatantly (or not blatantly) posted unconfirmed rumors. Yet, let’s be honest. Most of us have passed on something we heard from Twitter and we’re certainly not bumming around in prison.

If anything, it just goes to show, once again, the power that social media has on our lives. The fact the one tweet could bring free speech riots to Mexico…

Pretty powerful my friends.



2 thoughts on “Social Media 4350: Social Media Articles

  1. Facebook does seem to be taking over the world. I have never heard of them tapping into the music industry but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did one day. As for the Mexico incident, it is pretty wild how much of a stir people can cause using social media. You’re right, it is pretty powerful.

  2. FB-1 iTunes-0, very nice.

    I don’t really see an easy comparison between the two articles, but I think you did a good overview of them both. Interesting that the men are being charged for things that happened on twitter. When I post status updates/tweets, I never worry that I could be charged for anything, let alone terrorism. I think this says a lot about having a good online reputation and thinking before you post.

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