Headline goes here

I am exhausted.

and euphoric.

and all around really tired of not eating regular meals.

You’d think having a roommate who’s a a dietetics major would help in my progress of becoming a healthy person. Then again, I don’t know the benefits of having a super-fit-diet-conscious roommate if you only see her between the hours of 1:30-7:00 a.m. (This would be when she’s sleeping and I’m not).

Yesterday my diet consisted of 2 packages of crackers, gummy snacks, chips, a couple tacos and some strange root juice. Oh, and no time in the Fieldhouse.

My mother may or may not be reading this and weeping for my soul right now.

There are 7493 things I could tell you about the first 10 days of school, mostly about woody plants and newspapers. But really, I just want to say this:

My life isn’t perfect, but it’s a work in progress. A giant construction site, if you will. Of late, I’ve felt hundreds of hands building me piece by piece, tearing down the old and creating something wonderful. There are times that I feel that I’ve lost control of my project. There are moments when I feel some little punks are trying to kick pieces of cement from my foundation.

But those moments are far and few between. Even though there is frustration and an occasional tear, I love that I’m being pushed. There is no other way to grow.

Thank you to the people who take the time to show me things in Indesign 28 times.
 To those who are teaching me to write.
 To those who buy me tacos in times of crisis.
To those who trust me with big things.
To those who listen to my pipe dreams.
To those see what I’m capable of, even when I can’t.
To those who can make a hug so much more than a hug.

And most of all, to the contractor who guides the whole process along.

I am so blessed.


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