Johnny Cupcakes

US: You’ve traveled across the world and become a millionaire before you were 30 years old. Is there anything you regret?

JC: No, I don’t regret anything. I’ve learned from everything — good and bad. You have to take things and turn them into learning lesJCsons.

US: Is there anything huge you want to do in the next five years?

JC: Besides publishing this business book, it would be nice to — I’d like to start some of these other side businesses. It would be cool to start a family at some point but I have to build a foundation of my life before I (have) my family. It’s very difficult finding that balance for a lot of people, and I want to make sure I can be stress free.

US: Last but not least, would you ever legally change your name to Johnny Cupcakes?

JC: My name is Johnny Earle, not cupcakes. Sometime I pretend cupcakes is my last name, and I don’t think I’d legally change my name to Johnny Cupcakes. If I did, my future son might get beat up and my future daughter could possibly be very promiscuous.

US: Anything you want to add?

JC: I just want everyone to do more of what makes them happy. If you have any passions or business ideas, try to follow them.


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