You have to start somewhere…

Hello readers/followers/little blog elves/future employers (we hope),

I’m Allee Wilkinson.

This is my attempt to make a professional blog…not so professional.

Fair warning:

  • I use a lot of ellipses
  •  Given how much I’ve copy edited, my internet grammar should be perfect. If it’s not, feel free to whack me on the side of the head. Email is good too.
  • Like every other blogger on earth, I like feedback. Usually, I’m bugging people to get back to me, so it would be a nice feeling to have people bothering me. Just saying.
  • The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know. Everything written on this website is subject to change/clarification.
  • I don’t have an iPhone. Yes, you’ll probably hear about it.

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